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Er. Nirmal Lama


suchanaadhikari@kamalamaimun.gov.np, ito.kamalamaimun@gmail.com


Job description

1. To provide technical assistance for the management and regular maintenance of information technology infrastructure and equipment established in the office.

2. Regular operation and updating of local level website, software, system and providing necessary assistance to prepare accurate records and reports.

3. To assist in ensuring smooth running of daily activities related to local level computer system.

4. To provide the information, statistics and details demanded by the federal and provincial governments at the local level in coordination with the concerned branches / officials of the local level.

5. Study of national policies related to information and communication technology, search for new ideas and applications and assist in localization according to local needs.

6. Assist in digitizing resource mapping and creating and updating digital profiles.

7. To assist in preparing annual ICT plan including activities required in the field of information technology at local level.

8. To study the tools and measures required for the establishment of e-governance and to establish the access / connectivity of information technology in the rural community as well.

9. To facilitate all local level employees to conduct training and orientation programs related to electronic governance, information and communication technology.

10. To transfer ICT knowledge and regular skills to the employees related to information technology at the local level.

11. Assist in keeping and communicating the basic details, budget details, information etc. of the programs / projects of local level offices and other thematic bodies, service providers, non-governmental organizations, community based organizations.

12. To help to solve the technical problems related to the information technology of the office staff and service recipients.

13. To facilitate the performance of local level budget, planning, revenue, monitoring, procurement and other areas by using information technology.

14. To collect and update the necessary details to be made public as per the law (Open data) and to communicate publicly through appropriate medium including local level website.

15. Regularly audit the local level ICT status / system and make proper arrangements for security.

16. To assist in the establishment and operation of information centers.

17. To publish good practices and information at the local level in a regular and systematic manner.

18. To perform other functions specified by the Chief Administrative Officer.

Information Technology Branch