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Brief Introduction

Sindhuli District, which contributed the nation to save its souvenirty and  nationality in history, has substantial potential of  development  and a richer district in natural resources and bio-diversity in nature . It has  1 municipality and 53 VDCs to deliver the services  to citizens thru’ local body. The  single municipality in the district , named  as Kamalamai, having total area of 20512 Hactare, was declared in 2053 BS, by conglomerating  erstwhile 2 VDCs, Siddheshwor  ( erstwhile District Headquarter) and Bhiman  with  integrating its geology and population.

It was nomenclatured on the basis of  goddess Kamalamai, situated in origination of Kamala, one of  acclaimed river of Nepal have Ranichuri, Ranibas, Bhimsthan & Belghari in East, Dandi Gurase &  Bhadrakali in West, Ratanchura and Bhadrakali in North and Sarlahi, Mahottari and Dhanusa Districts in South frontiers.  Kamalamai Municipality, having average length  of 33 km and Width of 7 km is exactly situated in between 850  Eastern longitude & 270 10’ Northen Lattitude,  and 400 m msl as well. It is said 2nd Cherapunji of Nepal in the context of Precipitation, where average 2788 mm downpour  annually